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I have been asked by some people if I will be ok with changing the license to GPL and place the source on public sites like github. Some people have also requested features or changes that really is against the goal of gede. My response to all these requests is simply no and I will try to explain why.

Gede was created partly because I missed a good debugger frontend for linux and partly because I wanted to give something back to the open source community. I am so tired of bloated software as Eclipse or software that have large dependencies on other components. I therefore decided early on that Gede was to be kept simple and with as few and releaxed external dependencies as possible. Gede for example currently compiles with either Qt4 or Qt5. When it comes to license I really do not like the GPL for different reasons so I choose the BSD license.

I have no adds on the homepage and I do not make any money on gede (except one $20 donation). The server space is payed from my own pocket.

I try my best to fix any bugs and add the features that people request as soon as possible. There are however some features that I will not implement. I ask you to respect that.

Gede is totally open source so it is ok if you would like to fork it to add some features that you really like or do some major other changes. This is the strength of open source and one that I really like and support. I only request one thing and that is that you obey the BSD license.

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